The Club's 100 year celebration float turned out to be a real crowd pleaser that wowed the Anacortes 4th of July Parade judges. Perhaps it was Lindy Reno leading Rotarians and Anacortians singing "happy birthday America and Anacortes Rotary Club..." (which turned out to be impossible to articulate in unison) or maybe it was driver Mark Lascelles "encouraging" the judges with a $10(Canadian of course) donation,  or maybe it was just the enthusiasm of the marchers and the beauty of the float itself that garnered a perfect score from Mayor Matt Miller and his team.
Special recognition goes to team that designed, built, and decorated the float (and themselves):  Jim MacDonald, Stephanie Hamilton, Loalynda Bird, Duane Clark, Colleen Craig, Lindy Reno, Colleen Craig, and Mark Lascelles.  Enjoy the live action clips below.
Parade Beginning (Mark Lascelles video)
Parade Finale (Steve Berentson video)