Posted on Feb 24, 2024
The Rotary Club of Pacifica is a morning club located on the Pacific coast (of course) just south of San Francisco,  and Jim Renfro's first club before moving to Anacortes--purportedly driven by the search for a meeting time later than 7:15 AM.  A younger club than Anacortes,  Pacifica Rotary was founded in 1962, not long after seven coastside communities were combined to form the town itself.  The conquistador helmet on the banner honors Gaspar de Portala' who discovered San Francisco Bay in 1769 while standing on Sweeney Ridge above the the town. Spanish galleons had sailed past the narrow, foggy, cliffs of the Golden Gate for decades, never realizing the bay was there.  Similarly, many native San Franciscans today drive to Silicon Valley without realizing PACIFICA is there!
The banner arrives courtesy of a recent vacation Jim & Stephanie made to reconnect with friends in the club,  including Rotary "power couples" Steve & Colleen Wright, Patrick & Marilyn Hall.  Like Anacortes,  the club draws fascinating speakers and has a great time working together on community projects.  Next time you visit San Francisco and want to see some of the best scenery in the Bay Area, stay a Monday night in Rockaway Beach and check out Tuesday morning's Rotary meeting.